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Jean-Paul Glémet
24 rue René Coty
16000 Angoulême - France

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Président du Champion Canary Club
Éleveur souche UOF-4-0766

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Jean-Paul Glémet who has been passionately fond of breeding canaries since the age of 15 is today the most well-known french breeder of coloured canaries in France and all over Europe. Since the beginning he has been interested in breeding mosaic (dimorphic) canaries and he has lived the experience of the mosaic factor development as for as the red then yellow melanins canaries are concerned.

In 1980, the « best in show » in the international bird show in Paris ; in 1981 the first French champion awards ; in 1983, the first world champion award. Since then Jean-Paul Glémetís canaries have won more 160 French champion end technical club CTC champion awards, he has won 66 international champion awards at Mechelen - Leuven (Belgium) and Reggio-Emilia (Italy) and above all he has been the world champion 34 times.

The world best breeders in Brazil, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal have canaries from his breeding. Jean-Paul Glémet is a specialist in the new color mutations and is now the président of the Champion Canary Club. For visit or contact : Jean-Paul Glémet, 24 rue COTY, 16000 Angoulême, France. Tél-Fax :
Pictures of Glémet's canaries

The list of bred-colors

Dimorphic gold agat jaspe
Dimorfic red agat jaspe
White jaspe agat
Dimorphic gold brown jaspe
Dimorfic red brown jaspe
White jaspe brown
Dimorphic red agate opal



Dimorphic red isabel satinette
Dimorphic gold agate topaz
Dimorphic red agate topaz
Dimorphic red bronze topaz
Dimorphic red brown topaz 
Dimorphic red isabel topaz

Pictures of Glémet's canaries

Web Champion Canary Club Breeding Glémet  Medals winners Photos of the canaries champions